2-Step for 7th and 6th kup (not pre-arranged)

After extensively practicing this exercise the student should be able to:
• Select an appropriate defence for a low, middle or high attack.
• Correctly select and perform the appropriate stance for an attacking and defensive technique
• Correctly perform various hand and foot techniques at different heights and to different targets.
• Correctly perform a variety of blocks.
• Correctly switch from one stance to another
• Correctly judge distance (by eye) for a given technique.
• Select an appropriate counter attack; match the attacking technique, tool and target.
• Block on either the inside or outside of the attacking technique.
• Adjust the distance of the 2nd stance to correctly execute an appropriate counter attack.
• Move forwards, backwards, sideways, or any angle.
• Anticipate and correctly react to the angle and direction of an attack.

Main points
• The defenders must perform two attacks, ideally one with the hand and one with the foot. Not necessarily in that order.
• The attacker and defender must use a common rhythm as this in a training exercise not real sparring. The idea is not to try and catch out your partner but to practice together.
• The attacker should punch or kick to the correct target not slightly off to the side to try and help the defender to block. This will help to develop the correct and strong defence.
• As in 3-step this can be done either one way or two way.

Distance / Measure
The distance between A and B is basically the same as for 3-step, though it can be flexible. Distance is judged by eye. (no measure).
A and B start in attention stance facing each other.

A) Bow in attention stance
B) Bow in attention stance
Ready: On the command '2-Step sparring ready (Ibo Matsogi Junbi)'
Right leg back L- stance forearm guarding block. Shout 'Ya', as a ready signal
Moves left foot in to parallel ready stance. Shout 'Ya', as a ready signal
Attack: On the command 'commence'

The attacks can be in either walking stance or L-stance, fixed stance,
sitting stance
Punches, strikes (knifehand, backfist), thrusts (fingertip), kicks (front
smashing, side piercing, turning)
6th kups may use back piercing kick, front leg reverse turning and back
leg reverse turning kick

Defenders should use all the blocks from 4-directional punch, 4-directional block, Chon-Ji, Dan Gun and Do-San. (and Won-Hyo for 6th kups)

walking stance; inner forearm middle block, rising block, low forearm block, low knife hand block. Wedging block
L-stance, inner forearm middle block, knifehand guarding block, twin forearm block

Counter attack:

Students should shift or slide to adjust the distance and angle of the
counter attack.

This could include sliding; back, forward, sideways (or at any angle), or jumping up.

Examples; punch in walking stance or L-stance, knifehand strike in L-stance, backfist strike, elbow strike, fingertip thrust, front smashing, side piercing, back piercing, turning, front reverse turning.
Another way of performing is without stopping after the first counter attack, keep going; 1,2, 1,2, 1,2 1,2, backwards and forwards, sideways.
Instructors and students should do various examples of this in their classes but they should not number them or write them down for the students to learn off.

Click here for some examples of 2-Step Sparring. Watch the instructional video below from Master George Vitale below


2-Step Sparring Examples

2 Step Sparring - Ibo Matsogi

Attacker Defender
Right W.S. Obverse Punch Left W.S. Inner Forearm Middle Block
Left Front Smashing Kick Right W.S. X Fist Pressing Block
  Right W.S. Twinfist Vertical Punch
Left L.S. Reverse Punch Right L.S. Palm Inward Middle Block
Left Turning Kick Left L.S. Outer Forearm Waist Block
  Right L.S. Side Elbow Thrust
Right Front Smashing Kick Right W.S. X Fist Pressing Block
Left W.S. Twin Vertical Punch Left W.S. Wedging Block
  Grab Head with both hands & Kick to lower abdomen using Right Knee.
Right W.S. Flat Fingertip Thrust Left W.S. Knifehand Rising Block
Left Side Piercing Kick Left L.S. Palm Inward Block
  Left Front Smashing Kick / Left W.S. Twinfist Upset Punch
Attacker Defender
Right Front Smashing Kick Right W.S. X Fist Pressing Block
Left W.S. Obverse Punch Slide out (to left) Right L.S. Forearm Guarding Block
  Right Turning Kick & Left L.S. Backfist Strike
Right F.S. Punch Right L.S. Palm Inward Block
Right Front Reverse Turning Kick Left L.S. Outer Forearm Block
  Jumping Right Knifehand Strike
Left L.S. Knifehand Strike Left L.S. Knifehand Middle Block
Left Back Piercing Kick Right L.S. Waist Block
  Jumping Left Knifehand Strike


  • W.S. Walking Stance
  • L.S. L-Stance
  • S.S. Sitting Stance

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