4th Degree Black Belt

4th Degree Black Belt Testing Criteria


English - Korean
Attacking Techniques

twin side-fist horizontal strike 

sang yop joomuk soopyong taerigi
flying high kick        Twimyo nopi chagi
x-stance twin elbow horizontal thrust 

Kyocha so sang palkup soopyong tulgi

sitting stance flat fingertip middle thrust Annun so opun sonkut kaunde tulgi
x-stance knife-hand side strike Kyocha so sonkal yop taerigi
sitting stance side fist middle side strike Annun so yop joomuk kaunde yop taerigi
side pushing kick Yopcha milgi
high twisting kick Nopunde bituro chagi
side thrusting kick Yopcha tulgi
walking stance long fist high punch Gunnun so ghin joomuk nopunde jirugi
flying knife-hand side strike Twimyo sonkal yop taerigi
x-stance back fist downward strike    Kyocha so dung joomuk naeryo taerigi
x-stance forefist upward punch Kyocha so ap joomuk ollyo jirugi
L-stance knife-hand high outward strike    Niunja so sonkal nopunde bakuro taerigi
Defending Techniques
walking stance forearm reverse rising block Gunnun so palmok bandae chookyo makgi
L-stance inner forearm middle wedging block Niunja so an palmok kaunde hechyo makgi
fixed stance palm pushing block Gojung so sonbadak miro makgi
one leg stance knife-hand outward block Waebal so sonkal bakuro makgi
rear foot stance palm downward block Dwitbal so sonbadak naeryo makgi
sitting stance knife-hand low side block  Annun so sonkal najunde yop makgi
side checking kick Yopcha momchagi
L-stance x-fist checking block  Niunja so kyocha joomuk momchau makgi
walking stance knife-hand low reverse outward block Gunnun so sonkal najunde bandae bakuro makgi
rear foot stance inner forearm waist block  Dwitbal so anpalmok hori makgi
sitting stance reverse knife-hand w-shape block Annun so sonkal dung san makgi
sitting stance twin straight forearm checking block Annun so sang son palmok momchau makgi
walking stance reverse knife-hand low inward block Gunnun so sonkal dung najunde anuro makgi
parallel stance with an x-backhand Narani so kyocha sondung
Gunnun junbi sogi walking ready stance  
warrior stance 'A' Moosa sogi 'A'
backward double step-jumping  Dwiro ibo omgyo didimyo twigi

UL-Ji Tul (42 Movements) :UL- JI is named after general Ul-Ji Moon Dok who successfully defended Korea against a Tang's invasion force of nearly one million soldiers led by Yang Je in 612 A.D., Ul-Ji employing hit and run guerilla tactics, was able to decimate a large percentage of the force. The diagram represents his surname. The 42 movements represent the author's age when he designed the pattern.

Continuous Motion - Yonsok Dongjak Moves 2 and 3
Fast Motion - Bbarun Dongjak move 11

Moon-Moo Tul (61 Movements): Moon-Moo honours the 30th King of the Silla Dynasty. His body was buried near Dae Wang Am (Great King's Rock). According to his will, the body was placed in the sea "where my soul shall forever defend my land against the Japanese." It is said that the Sok Gul Am (Stone cave) was built to guard his tomb. The Sok Gul Am is a fine example of the culture of the Silla Dynasty. The 61 movements in this pattern symbolize the last two figures of 661 A.D. when Moon Moo came to the throne.

Connecting Motion - Eeojin Dongjak moves 28 and 29, 37 and 38
Consecutive Motion - Gaesok Dongjak moves 50, 53
Slow Motion - Neurin Dongjak moves 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 11, 14, 18, 20, 23

Yong-Gae Tul (49 Movements): YON-GAE is named after a famous general during the Koguryo Dynasty, Yon Gae Somoon. The 49 movements refer to the last two figures of 649 A.D., the year he forced the Tang Dynasty to quit Korea after destroying nearly 300,000 of their troops at Ansi Sung.

Continuous Motion - Yonsok Dongjak move 10 and 11 & 21 and 22
Slow Motion - Neurin Dongjak moves 2, 13

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