How to Help your Taekwon-Do School

The spirit of Taekwon-Do is not restricted to established Black Belts and instructors only. All members and students have a valuable part to play in your school. We are all Taekwon-Do students regardless of grade and all strive to continue learning.

As part of this learning we will look at the role new Black Belts can have in assisting with running and development of their skills in your school.

As a new Black Belt you have worked hard and earned your 1st Degree. Your Taekwon-Do journey has not ended, it is in fact just beginning. We are all aware that there is a defined syllabus that will assist you, along with hard work to move toward further Black Belt promotions but there are a number of ways you can further enhance what you learn in class:

We all have to acknowledge that none of us could have developed without our instructors. Why not assist your established instructors or talk with your Chief Instructor about taking classes yourself.

Attend Instructor and Umpire courses. These courses develop your understanding of Taekwon-Do. In time and with the proper qualifications you could be representing your country in international competitions and events.

Seminars are run regularly where our Grandmasters and Masters build on your training and provide their experiences and insights.

Most of you will have at some point, competed in an R.I.T.A. competition. The competition committee is just one committee that plays an integral role in bringing our schools and other associations together to compete.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
All Black Belts should attend the AGM, this meeting is a valuable insight into the direction in which the R.I.T.A. is moving. As a Black Belt you should try to be involved and assist in achieving the goals of the R.I.T.A. and its schools.

Fund Raising
Every school will benefit from having equipment available to help with your training. You could take responsibility for raising funds to help buy equipment through sponsored events e.g. bag packing.
The above are just some of the ways in which you can help your school but by no means a full list. Your instructor will be more than happy to talk to you and find ways for you to help develop your skills and at the same time benefiting your school.

Black Belt Dress Code 1st to 3rd Degree

Umpire Dress Code 1st to 3rd Degree


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