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If you have any queries please contact Master Stephen Doyle at webmaster@rita-itf.org

Masters, Instructors and Black Belts are asked to update their contact information by returning this form to the National Secretary.

RITA Policies
pdf Funding for International Competition pdf RITA Substance Abuse Policy
pdf RITA Student Code of Ethics pdf RITA Safety Policy
pdf RITA Press and Social Media Policy pdf RITA Premises Policy
pdf RITA Parents Code of Ethics pdf RITA Non Discrimination Policy
pdf RITA Members Policy pdf RITA Instructor Code of Ethics
pdf RITA Instructor Assistant Application Form pdf RITA Grading Policy
pdf RITA Garda Vetting pdf RITA Disciplinary Committee
pdf RITA Disciplinary Committee pdf RITA Child Safeguarding Statement Policy
pdf RITA Childrens First Statement pdf RITA School Incident Report Form

bullet Disciplinary & Complaints Committee
Disciplinary & Complaints Committee Information

Beginners week

New professionally designed posters and an information pack for beginners are available now to download.

Information Pack
Beginners week Kids A2
Beginners week Kids A3
Beginners week Kids A4 pdf
Beginners week Teen A2 pdf
Beginners week Teen A3 pdf
Beginners week Teen A4 pdf
Beginners week Adult A2 pdf
Beginners week Adult A3 pdf
Beginners week Adult A4 pdf

Official RITA Forms
Black Belt Grading Application Form *New*
Instructions for Instructors
Points for Black Belts Application to Open a R.I.T.A. School
Student School Transfer Form *New* New School Grant Application Form *New*
Existing School Grant Application Form *New* Grading List

RITA School Grant Scheme

Dear Instructor / Black Belt

Please find below guidelines and application forms for RITA New School and Existing School Grant schemes.

The Existing School Grant Scheme is to help to develop and grow existing schools eg. to introduce a new class for kids / teenagers / adults. A maximum of €500 may be requested. Applications will be accepted either from the existing school's chief instructor or an assistant instructor of the school or from any black belt wishing to run a new class in an existing school (with the permission of the school's chief instructor). However, only one application will be accepted per school. Download application

The New School Grant Scheme is to help black belts to open a new school. A maximum of €1000 may be requested to help with setting up the new school eg. for insurance, first month's rent, advertising, equipment etc. Applications will be accepted during the year. Download application

Please submit your application forms to the RITA National Secretary for the attention of the Masters Council.

Official ITF Forms
  ITF Seminar Application
ITF International Instructor Cert Application *New* ITF International Umpire Cert Application *New*

ITF Tournament and Umpire Rules - Updated October 2017
ITF Umpire Rules and Regulations ITF Tournament Rules and Regulations*New*

RITA Handbook Material
General Choi Hong Hi About Taekwon-Do Leaflet
Definition of Taekwon-Do Patterns
Sparring Etiquette
The Tenets of Taekwon-Do .

ITF Patterns
Chon-Ji Dan-Gun Do-San
Won-Hyo Yul-Gok Joong-Gun
Toi-Gye Hwa-Rang Choong-Moo
Kwang-Gae Po-Eun Ge-Baek
Eui-Am Choong-Jang Juche
Sam-Il Yoo-Sin Choi-Yong
Yon-Gae Ul-Ji Moon-Moo
So-San Se-Jong Tong-Il

Colour Belt Syllabus
10th Kup - White Belt 5th Kup - Blue Tag
9th Kup - Yellow Tag 4th Kup - Blue Belt
8th Kup - Yellow Belt 3rd Kup - Red Tag
7th Kup - Green Tag 2nd Kup - Red Belt
6th Kup - Green Belt 1st Kup - Black Tag
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RITA Committees
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Squad Training
ITF Ireland Team

For more information please contact the National Coach. Email coach@rita-itf.org

TKD Supplies

TKD Supplies

RITA Instructors and Students can now view the TKD Supplies stock online. Click here to see our latest prices and stock.

In Memoriam

Gen Choi Hong Hi
Founder of Taekwon-Do
1918 - 2002
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