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As we are aware the RITA is strictly following National Guidelines regarding Covid 19. The Masters Council have put together a handy leaflet outlining these guidelines for all Instructors and students to abide by on returning to their Dojang.

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National Black Belt Class

ITF 9th Degree GM Phelan will conduct online (Zoom) RITA National Black Belt Class on Sunday 24th Januarycommencing at 10.30am-12.30 hosted by Master Floyd Keane in Blessington Taekwon-Do School. All RITA registered Black Belts are invited to attend.

We look forward to full support for the RITA’s first event for 2021.

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Recent News
Black Belt Grading

Black belt promotions Congratulations to the RITA students who were successful in their recent black belt grading. Many of the students were due to grade last March but it was postponed due to the COVID restrictions. In order to avoid the possibility of another disappointment for the students this September the Masters Council decided to decentralise the national examination. This meant that the students were graded in their own county by their local ITF Master examiner.

RITA Black Belt grading results
Promoted to 6th Degree
Mr Leon McSherry (GM Howard’s Dojang)

Promoted to 5th Degree
Mr Martin Mahoney (Galway)
Mr Tim Collins (Galway)

Promoted to 4th Degree
Mr Patrick Feaheny (Stillorgan)

Promoted to 3rd Degree
Ms Marina O’Donnell (Galway)
Mr Finn Howard (GM Howard’s Dojang)

Promoted to 2nd Degree
Cathal Ó’Faoláin (Stillorgan)

Promoted to 1st Degree
Ms Maebh Keogh (Galway)
Mr Robert Doyle (Stillorgan)
Ms Pamela Byrne (Stillorgan)
Mr Keith Lambkin (Stillorgan)
Harry Leonard (Stillorgan)
Sean Ó’Connor (Stillorgan)
Paul Ryan (IBM)
Pascal Maher (IBM)
Evan Jordan (Maynooth).

RITA Steps Up at Slovenian Open

The RITA’s junior black belt squad took another step forward in its continuous development by performing to its current level at the Slovenian Open. The small group of four junior black belts coached by Master Robert Howard (8th degree) travelled to the scenic town of Zrece in eastern Slovenia to compete against athletes from 12 countries, including; Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, and hosts Slovenia. The tournament is a recognised EITF A class event and it was a good test of the Irish squad to see where they currently stand against their European peers. The Irish competitors performed well and took home 2 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze in both patterns and sparring. It was a time to meet old friends and make new ones and the Irish competitors would like to thank Master Emin Durakovic and the members of the Slovenian ITF for their warm hospitality. The squad are currently preparing for the 2020 European Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. The RITA would like to thank Hanley Energy for its continued support.

PHOTO: Back row L-R: Finn Howard, Carla Kelly, Adam Hu, Emmet O’Rourke

Front row: L-R: Master Emin Durokovic (ITF Slovenia), Master Robert Howard, Mr Stefan Cresnar (ITF Slovenia),

New Master promotions at the ITF World Championships
2019 ITF World Championships
Junior Success at the Italian Taekwon-Do Open in Barletta

As part of the continual development programme by the Republic of Ireland of Ireland Taekwon-Do Association, two junior black belts from GM Howard’s School competed at the recent Italian Open in Barletta on the south east of the country. The competition was organised by Fitsport Federazione Italiana Taekwon-Do ITF president Master Ruggiero Lanotte, and attracted competitors from Ireland, Slovenia, Romania, and Bosnia Herzegovina, as well all across Italy.

The two international competitors, Finn Howard and Max Cleary, wanted to build on their experience at the European Championships in Rimini, Italy, two months previously. Both competitors received the extra experience they travelled for and the positive results followed from some excellent performances. In patterns Mas Cleary won the 1st degree junior male black belt division, while Finn Howard topped the second degree division.  Both competitors spared well with Max taking gold in the -57 kg event and the bronze in the heavier -63kg. Meanwhile Finn had to settle for silver (-51kg) in a frustrating final against his Italian opponent.

Overall it was a great June bank holiday weekend in the beautiful city of Barletta and the junior squad now has its focus on the Worlds in Bulgaria (August) and the upcoming Slovenia Open in October. The RITA would like to thank Hanley Energy for the continued support. 


Team Ireland at the European Taekwon-Do Championships, Rimini, April 2019

Team Ireland brought 11 competitors, 2 coaches and 2 international umpires to the European Taekwon-Do Championships in Rimini this month. The team which consisted of 8 juniors and 3 seniors were drawn from Taekwon-Do schools in Dublin, Tipperary and Galway. This was a relatively small squad compared to the European power houses of Russia (147 competitors), Ukraine (127) and Greece (125). However the team performed well and there was a clear improvement in Team Ireland’s standard. The incremental improvements were noticeable in both the patterns event and the sparring event.

Most of the team Ireland’s competitors got through at least one round in both patterns and sparring. The highlights were Mr Leon McSherry (Dublin) taking silver in the male 5th degree patterns event and Mr Alex Byrne (Dublin) winning a bronze in the junior male black belt  -69kg sparring event. These performances gave Ireland a final ranking 17th out of 30 countries.

The team bonded well together and supported each other every day and the support from the parents made the coaches jobs easier and everyone was assigned jobs and monitored the rings and the timetable over events. This allowed the coaches to concentrate on preparing the competitors for their next match.

The improvements in the sparring event was as a result of the coaches bringing in former European and World Champion, Mr Konstantin Yurikov from Russia, as a consultant to our sparring development programme.
The next immediate goal is to prepare the team for the World Championships in Bulgaria in August 2019. The next phase of the development over the next 12 months is to continue the  incremental improvement of the whole team and to target ‘A class’ tournaments to test the team’s improvements. The 2020 European Championships will be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The coaches and team Ireland would like to thanks Hanley Energy for their support this year, without which this development and success would not be possible.


April 11th 2019 is the 64th anniversary day of the naming of “Taekwon-Do” by Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

Celebrating this day, we are all in missing for Gen. Choi Hong Hi, our father and teacher and our hearts are in a full determination to implement and complete his last words and remain loyal to his valuable legacy to the end.

On this meaningful day, there is a historical Joint Performance of ITF Taekwon-Do demonstration team and WT Taekwon-Do demonstration team in Lausanne, Switzerland in the invitation of IOC with a great interest and expectation from the Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters around the word.

Dear all Taekwon-Do Practitioners,

Let us take a big step with unanimous hearts to make Gen. Choi Hong Hi’s wishes come true.

Now the 21st ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships are near approaching to be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, between 24th-30th Aug. 2019.

Let’s demonstrate our unit and might to the world once again through this event.

On behalf of all TKD practitioners, ITF HQ would like to express sincere thanks to Mrs. Choi Chun Hi and her family members.

ITF HQ would like also to express a warm congratulation and gratitude to the ITF Pioneers and Grand Masters, who have made a great contribution to the ITF development.


Black Belt Grading

Congratulations to the following students who were promoted at the recent RITA Black Belt grading held in the West County Hotel, examiners on the day were ITF 9th Degree GM Phelan & GM Barrett.

Mr. Chris Gaffney Instructor Dublin North East School promoted to 3rd Degree

Mr. Stephen Mc Cann Dublin North East School promoted to 2nd Degree

. Aidan Kelly St Mark's School promoted to 2nd Degree

Mr. Matthew Kearns St Mark's School promoted to 2nd Degree

Miss Saoirse Ni Thuathail Blessington School promoted to 2nd Degree

Laura Ryan Kilmacow School promoted to 1st Degree

Paul Jacob Waterford School promoted to 1st Degree

Orlaith Mooney Maynooth School promoted to 1st Degree

Mr Matthew Coleman Tuam School promoted to 1st Degree

Gold for Ireland at the Euros
Black Belt Grading


Congratulations to everyone who was successful at the Black Belt Grading under the RITA's three ITF Grandmasters and Masters examiner panel.

Promoted to 1st Degree:
Donagh O’Thuathail Blessington School & Michal Skupinski Maynooth School.
Promoted to 2nd Degree:
Ms Alison Connolly Galway School & Mr Emmet O’Rourke GM Howard’s School.
Promoted to 4th Degree:
Mr Patrick Malone Enniscorthy School & Mr Fergus Wilson GM Howard’s School.

To those that have to try again remember Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit are two of the Tenets of Taekwon-Do


Hard works pays off for Colur Belt Squad


The RITA’s Colour Belt Development Squad reaped the rewards of the hard work with some very fine displays at the UKTA’s English Open 2018 in Guildford.
The 15 person squad competed in patterns, sparring and special technique, over the St Patrick’s weekend. The students’ hard training produced clear improvements in both sparring and patterns and they were clearly proud to wear the tricolour on their sleeve. Taking home 10 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals was an added bonus for their hard work.
The main goal of the CBS is to develop the students’ patterns and sparring skills for competitions and to prepare students for international competitions. It is drawn from all RITA schools and is coached by Ms Audrey Condon and Mr Adam Fox. CBS training is open to all RITA colour belts (yellow belt and above) and the coaches would love to see as many RITA schools taking part. Training is usually once a month. If you are interested why not ask your instructor for more details.

National Coaches Selected

Congratulations to Master Doyle who was selected by the RITA Masters Council as National Adult & Veteran Coach. Squad training will commence 21st October in St Laurence O'Toole AC-Carlow at 13.30 for the 4 Nations Championships on the 12th November, in Guildford UK. (for more information please contact Master Doyle)

Big news on the Junior Black Belt National Coach, Master Howard was appointed by the RITA Masters Council for this position, Congrats Master Howard. The first development programme will take place on Sunday 29th October in Carrick-On-Suir from 11am-2pm.

Wishing the RITA National Coaches every success in the future and looking forward to all the support from our Veterans, Adult, & Junior Black Belts.

Black Belt Grading

Congratulations to everyone who successfully passed the recent Black Belt grading. The panel of examiners were Grandmaster Robert Howard, Grandmaster Anthony Phelan, Master Valerie Keane and Master Mark O'Donnell. Before the grading everyone got a last chance at correcting their techniques during a two hour class overseen by the examiners. After a short lunch break and a final chance at some revision the exam began. Everyone was tested on all aspects of Taekwon-Do including Patterns, Sparring, Self Defence and Breaking before then having to answer questions at the table. The most senior promotion of the day was Mr. Martin Roe from St. Marks who achieved the rank of IV Dan (사단 / Sa-Dan / 4th degree) Black Belt followed by Ms. Caoimhe Keogh from Galway who was promoted to III Dan (삼단 / Sam-Dan / 3rd degree) Black Belt. Well done to everyone on their amazing performances.

Full list of promotions
Mr. Martin Roe - St. Marks - 4th Degree (사단 / Sa-Dan)
Ms. Caoimhe Keogh - Galway - 3rd Degree (삼단 / Sam-Dan)
Ms. Laura Cunningham - Galway - 2nd Dan (이단 / i Dan)
Ms. Jennifer McCormack - Dublin NE - 2nd Dan (이단 / i Dan)
Alex Byrne - Stillorgan - 2nd Dan (이단 / i Dan)
Mr. Tom Murray - Tuam - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
Mr. Jonathan Coleman - Tuam - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
Mr. Matthew Kearns - St. Marks - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
Ms. Linda Dalton - Carrick-on-Suir - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
Andrew Loo - Carrick-on-Suir - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
Trivo Tijanic - Carrick-on-Suir - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
Wayne Gill O'Loughlin - Carrick-on-Suir - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
Darragh Power - Carrick-on-Suir - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
Abbie O'Neil - Carrick-on-Suir - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)
David Sietko - Old Bawn - 1st Dan (일단 / il Dan)

So you've just passed your Black Belt exam and you're wondering what's next? Click here to see some suggestions on taking the next step in your Taekwon-Do journey.

New Grandmaster!
Some great news coming from the ITF World Championships in Pyongyang as the RITA has a new Grandmaster! It was announced at the ITF congress that now Grandmaster Francis Barrett was promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt. This is a fantastic achievement for our Association which is celebrating 45 years since its foundation in 1972 and brings the number of Grandmasters to three. There was also more good news for Waterford Taekwon-Do School as their Senior Instructor Master John Jacob was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt. Both are representing Ireland as umpires at the ITF World Championships which are underway in Pyongyang, DPR Korea. A huge congratulations to both!
RITA Black Belt Class
European Championships


Congratulations to the Irish Team who came back from the EITF European Championships in Liverpool with 1 Silver and 4 Bronze medals! With over 800 competitors from 32 countries competiting it was a great achievment. The Team was made up of 12 Black Belts and 5 Red Belts accompnied by National Coach Master Doyle, Development Coaches Mr Fox and Mr Tobin plus Umpires Master Barrett, Master Howard, Master Jacob and Master Keane. For many it was their first experience of high class European competition and some had moved into new divisions so it was an excellent opportuntity to test their skills.

Our first medal came in the 5th Dan patterns division with Mr Leon McSherry from Grandmaster Hoowards Dojang getting into the final for the second year in a row. He beat competitors from Russia and Greenland to set up a great final against France. It was the final that everyone had hoped for as both had the best technique in the division with the Frenchman edging out Mr McSherry on the judges scorecards to take Gold.

Next came 3 Bronzes in quick succession with Abbie O'Neill, Trivo Tijanic and Andrew Loo all from Carrick-on-Suir picking up medals in their Sparring sections. The final medal came on the last day with Mr John Egan from Old Bawn winning Bronze in the veteran sparring division after wins over Spain and England he just lost out to Scotland in the Semi final.

There were some great perfomances with many making it to quarter finals and just missing out on medals. With a very young team the future looks bright! Well done to everyone on their hard work and dedication.

Results of RITA Umpire Course 2017

Congratulations to the RITA black belts who passed the recent national umpire course which was held in Galway. Looking forward to seeing you all putting your new qualifications to use at the ITF-Ireland Cup next weekend. Results below.
Master Howard
Chair Umpire Committee



National Umpire level

Certificate Number

Fergal Hennigan




John Coe




Nigel Burke




Alison Connolly




Laura Cunningham




Andrew Johnson




Derek Brady

Grandmaster Howard's



Bróna Kelly

Grandmaster Howard's



Breda O'Donoghue

Grandmaster Howard's



Tony Wann-Pierce




* Passed theory, must pass practical

Happy Birthday to the ITF
Colour Belt Squad Success at English Open 2017

The RITA’s Colour Belt Squad travelled to English Open 2017 last weekend, as part of the association’s development programme. The tournament was held in Guilford and run by our good friends in the UKTA. Some of the national squad black belts also attended as part of their preparation for the European Championships held in Liverpool in April of this year. 
The squad consisted of 14 colour belts and 5 black belts and their hard work and preparation was evident as they gave some great performances across patterns, sparring and special technique. Their hard work returned a total of 31 medals (13 Gold, 9 Silver, 9 Bronze).
Master Robert Howard, Mr Leon McSherry and Mr Adam Fox travelled with the squad and coached them over the weekend. We would like to thank the Grandmasters, Masters, Umpires and Mr David Norris of the UKTA for their warm welcome and for running another great event.  A special thanks to the parents who travelled too and supported the whole squad trough out the trip.

Yellow Belt:
Oliwia Swizdor - Gold
Adam Hu - Bronze
Chris Yu – Bronze

Yellow Belt:
Ciara Fitzgerald - Gold

Green Belt:
Emily Harold - Silver

Yellow Belt:
Joyce Yu - Gold
Shane Rice - Silver
Wayne Gill O'Loughlin – Bronze

Black Belt:
Mr Leon McSherry -Bronze
Ms Sofia Hu- Silver
Mr Max Cleary - Bronze
Mr Finn Howard- Bronze
Sparring results 
Adam Hu - Bronze
Luca Mesolella - Gold
Daragh OShea - Gold
Chris Yu - Silver
Oliwia Swizdor - Silver
Niamh Davis - Gold
Emily Harold - Gold
Eoin McLoughlin Gold
Wayne O'Loughlin - Silver 
Joyce Yu - Bronze
Shane Rice - Silver 
Ciara Fitzgerald – Gold
Mr Emmet O'Rourke - Gold
Mr Finn Howard-Gold
Ms Sofia Hu - Bronze
Kate Harold - Gold
Special Technique
Chris Yu Silver
Eoin McLoughlin Gold
Ciara Fitzgerald Silver

RITA Squads at INTA Open

It was a good weekend for the RITA Colour Belt Squad and National Black Belt squad at the INTA Open International in Co Meath.

The two squads competed well and gain a lot of experience for the upcoming English open and European Championships. The event was a good opportunity to see were the competitors training plans were at and to see how they perform in the pressure of a high level competition. The event had 600 competitors from both Ireland an abroad and was a good test for the RITA squad.  The students gained a lot of experience and got a chance to try out new techniques in the ring. The 40 medals overall between the two squads were a nice reward for their hard training and commitment.

Thanks to the INTA tournament director Mr Wezelman, the INTA masters and umpires who ran an excellent event with very fair judging.

The next big tournament on the RITA calendar is the ITF-Ireland Cup on the 1st of April 2017 in Galway city. Looking  forward to seeing you all there.

Republic of Ireland Taekwon-Do Association Join Forces With Hanley Energy

Left to right; Master Valerie Keane, Grandmaster Robert Howard, Hanley Energy Co-founder & Managing Director Dennis Nordon, Grandmaster Anthony Phelan, Master Francis Barrett.

The Republic of Ireland Taekwon-Do Association has partnered with global data center solution specialists and technology company Hanley Energy in a deal that will see the Irish owned company become main sponsors of the organisation with immediate effect.

The sponsorship deal was announced by the Masters Council at the 2016 National Taekwon-Do Open Championship which took place in Dublin recently.
Dennis Nordon, MD and co-founder of Hanley Energy said the company continues to recognise world-class potential and is delighted to be an advocate of the Republic of Ireland Taekwondo Association. 

Hanley Energy are very excited about forging strong links to a relatively young, evolving sport with exemplary ambition and a future that is, like ours, on an upward curve. Our aim with RITA will be to support at both an elite and grass-roots level, as the sport continues to grow across the country. We recognise a shared vision and ethos with RITA, we are delighted to be able to champion excellence and assist them in nurturing real international potential. We are looking forward to many exciting years ahead as sponsors.

Business and Taekwon-Do are akin in many ways, but the biggest similarity is the toll they can take on your mental resilience. If you want something sufficiently in both, you will have to work for it. Nothing is accomplished without sacrifice. Dedication, preparation and work ethic are all vital to progress.

In Hanley Energy, we try to embrace the discomforts, even when things seem impossible, learn from errors and we have built a strong team around us, where every member deserves credit for the business success. This ethos is closely reflected in two of Taekwon-Do’s core tenets, perseverance and indomitable spirit.

Grandmaster Anthony Phelan, Vice-President, Republic of Ireland Taekwondo Association, welcomed the partnership saying:

We are delighted to be able to announce Hanley Energy as the primary sponsor of the Republic of Ireland Taekwon-Do Association. We’ve had really positive initial meetings and I think it’s clear that we are very much on the same page. We’re looking forward to a strong and productive partnership.

Colour Belt Squad events

Konstantin Yurikov Sparring Seminar - 10am-4pm Sunday 27th November 2016 – Grandmaster Howard’s Taekwon-Do School.
Squad Training - 11am-2pm Sunday 11th December 2016 - Carrick on Suir Taekwon-Do School.
Squad Training - 11am-2pm Sunday 8th January 2017 – Oranmore, Galway.

Please fill in this form and bring it to the squad session with your valid RITA membership form.

UK Open success

The UK Open Taekwon-Do Championship took place in Guilford on the 12th November 2016. Eight students from three schools in the R.I.T.A. competed on the day. For many of these students it was an opportunity to compete at their new grades. Some had recently been awarded their Black Belt and others their red belt. Some of students were also stepping up to higher age categories for the first time.
It was a very successful outing for the students that competed, winning 12 medals in total, 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 7 Bronze.  Congratulations to all who travelled and represented the R.I.T.A. with distinction. A breakdown of the results is included below.

Student Patterns Sparring Special Technique School
Ms B O’Donogue   Silver   Grandmaster Howard
Finn Howard Silver Bronze Bronze Grandmaster Howard
Max Cleary   Silver Bronze Grandmaster Howard
Emmet O’Rourke   Bronze   Grandmaster Howard
Sofia Hu   Gold   Grandmaster Howard
Alex Byrne     Bronze Stillorgan
Abbey O’Neill Bronze Silver   Carrick on Suir
Kate Harold   Bronze   Grandmaster Howard

Congratulations to all of the competitors

Ireland has a New ITF Grandmaster!

Congratulations to Grandmaster Anthony Phelan on this promotion to 9th Degree. Grandmaster Phelan is Vice-President of the Republic of Ireland Taekwon-Do Association and is the second most senior Taekwon-Do practitioner in the Republic of Ireland.
GM Phelan travelled to DPR Korea for the 50th anniversary of the International Taekwon-Do Federation and was promoted by President of the ITF Prof Ri Yong Son and the ITF promotions committee. Also attending the celebrations from Ireland were Senior Grandmaster Howard, Master Valerie Keane and Mr Martin Roe.
GM Phelan is a student of FGM Rhee and has been instrumental in the development of Taekwon-Do in Ireland. He introduced the art he loves to Waterford and continues to teach Taekwon-Do in the Ballyfermot/Clondalkin area of Dublin. Over the years he has trained many students to black belt including Senior Master Francis Barrett and Senior Master Brendan O’Toole (INTA).

All the students of Taekwon-Do in Ireland send their best wishes to Grandmaster Phelan on his wonderful achievement.

Grandmaster Howard & Senior Master Phelan Patterns & Power Seminar

It was an amazing day in St Mark's Taekwon-Do School as the students lined up to welcome Grandmaster Howard & Senior Master Phelan for our annual Patterns & Power Seminar. To the students delight the RITA's recently promoted Master Murphy senior Instructor to Enniscorthy School was presented with his ITF 7th Degree Masters Certificate by Grandmaster Howard and a special presentation from Master Valerie Keane on behalf of all her students in St Mark's & Naas Schools. Master Murphy started by preparing the students for the days event.
Patterns were performed, corrections were made with each and every student going away with more understanding of the different techniques in their own individual Pattern.
The afternoon brought excitement especially for the children when they took on some amazing breaking challenges. As for the Adults they practised some new breaking techniques never performed before and to their delight succeeded.
On behalf of all the students who attended today a very special thanks to Grandmaster Howard & Senior Master Phelan for a wonderful day.
Finally a "Big Thanks" to all our Brothers & Sisters for their support.
Enjoy the photos (with more to follow) feel free to Tag & share to your friends & family.

Success for Ireland at the European Championships

The recent EITF European Championships, which were hosted in the Greek city of Thessaloniki from 11th to 18th April, were the largest ever with over 700 competitors from 31 Countries competing.  The RITA sent a Squad of 11 competitors accompanied by National Coach Master Stephen Doyle, Colour Belt Development Coach Ms Audrey Condon and Umpires Senior Master Robert Howard and Master Floyd Keane.
The squad consisted of 6 Black Belts and 5 Red Belts that competed in Adult, Junior and Child divisions. For most it was their first experience of a high level International event and it was great preparation for the 2017 Euros in Liverpool, which is what they are training for. The event was held in a 9,000 seat stadium and it was a big step up from what most were used to.
Day 1 of the competition was not until the Thursday so the Squad had two days to acclimatise and prepare after arriving late on the Monday night.  But once the competition began there was no rest for our coaches as we had competitors nearly in every ring at the same time. Luckily our more experienced senior competitors Mr Leon McSherry and Mr Martin Mahoney were there to help.
In the Pattern divisions the quality of the RITA training was evident with nearly all the squad winning at least one round. There was a great performance by Ms Caoimhe Keogh from Galway who after wins over Spain and Slovenia narrowly lost out 3-2 in the 2nd Dan Junior Female Patterns Semi-Final against Ukraine. Her Bronze medal was a great reward for her dedication to training, as she had to defer her Leaving Cert French Oral exam to compete.  Mr Leon McSherry finally achieved his lifelong ambition of getting to a European Patterns Final. He has lost out in the last three Europeans at the semi-final stage but this time he reached the Final of the 5th Dan Male Patterns where he faced Sweden. In a dominant display he won with a 5-0 victory to claim the coveted Gold Medal!
The level of competition was extremely high in the Sparring divisions with Russia and Ukraine dominating most sections. The Squads recent seminars with Mr Konstantin Yurikov paid off as none of them looked out of place in the ring against high level International opponents.  Alex Byrne picked up our third medal with a Bronze in the -50kg Male Child Sparring division.  After a comfortable win over Romania he faced a much taller Russian in the semi-final. The Russians reach proved too much for Alex over the two rounds. It was a great achievement in his first Europeans to win a Medal.
The Coaches would like to congratulate all the competitors for their dedication and hard work. They represented Ireland with pride and were a pleasure to coach. We hope that everyone uses the experience gained to take the next step in their International career.

Although we have just returned from the 2016 European Championships the preparations for 2017 are underway. We must build on our success and continue our training throughout the Summer. Those who competed are expected to attend the next Open Squad Training Session on Sunday 15th May in Tymon Bawn Community Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24, so everyone can learn from their experiences. We are looking for competitors who are enthusiastic to learn and have the dedication to commit to high-level training so we can send an even bigger Squad to Liverpool 2017.

Videos from the Europeans can be found here

Photos are available on our Facebook page

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