Grand Master Robert J Howard

Grand Master Robert Howard
9th Degree Black Belt
President RITA
President of the
National Governing Body
for the ITF in Ireland

Taekwon-Do is not only about Patterns, Sparring and Breaking. It is also important to learn the terminology of those fundamental moves your Instructor shows you. You must also study the History of Taekwon-Do to understand where it came from and to show respect to those who teach you.

The RITA has worked hard to keep it's members up to date with the teachings of General Choi and the handbook allows you to study outside the dojang. Remember your Instructor is there to answer all you questions so be keen to learn.

History of Taekwon-Do

Definition of Taekwon-Do
The Tenets of Taekwon-Do
Composition of Taekwon-Do *New*
Student School Transfer Form

Colour Belt Syllabus
10th Kup - White Belt *New* 5th Kup - Blue Tag *New*
9th Kup - Yellow Tag *New* 4th Kup - Blue Belt *New*
8th Kup - Yellow Belt *New* 3rd Kup - Red Tag *New*
7th Kup - Green Tag *New* 2nd Kup - Red Belt *New*
6th Kup - Green Belt *New* 1st Kup - Black Tag *New*

Black Belt Syllabus
1st Degree
2nd Degree
3rd Degree
4th Degree
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Squad Training
ITF Ireland Team

Training is open to all RITA adults. Everyone is invited to come along to try out for the National Squad and those who’ve never been before are encouraged to give it a go. We are also looking to find new talent with potential to represent Ireland at international competitions. So even if you want some extra practice, to improve fitness or just want to see what training is like you are more than welcome to attend.

Senior Black Belt Squad

Senior & Veteran Coach Master Stephen Doyle

Junior Black Belt Squad

Junior & Child Coach Grand Master Robert Howard

TKD Supplies

TKD Supplies

RITA Instructors and Students can now view the TKD Supplies stock online. Click here to see our latest prices and stock.

In Memoriam

Gen Choi Hong Hi
Founder of Taekwon-Do
1918 - 2002
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